Napa Valley Film Festival May Be Postponed— Again

Paul Franson with NapaLife shared this week that the Napa Valley Film Festival will likely be postponed again due to a number of challenges faced this past year. Do they even need to be stated? The Festival was originally postponed in 2020 and scheduled to take place in November 2021, though now it will most likely be longer than that.

Richard A. Garber, the chairman of Cinema Napa Valley, which presents the festival, was quoted as saying, “We are in the process reimagining both the festival and our organization in a post-Covid world and expect to have some exciting announcements in the coming weeks regarding the Napa Valley Film Festival and a potential inaugural spring event in 2022.”

Passes can no longer be purchased on the website, so that’s a telling sign. Hopefully, news for anyone who has already purchased passes will be included in the “exciting announcements” coming.

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