Napa Resort Offers To Pay For Three Months Of New Hires’ Gas

The Napa Valley Meritage Resort is offering new hires up to three months’ worth of gas reimbursement as a signing bonus.

With the summer season quickly approaching, the resort has been in need of some extra hands on deck for its busy months. However, local Napa Valley resorts are struggling to staff up. To remedy this, the Meritage resort is offering a money-back guarantee of sorts: if you take a job there, you’ll receive a reimbursement for up to three months of your gas costs.

Fabiana Arellano, the resort’s human resources director, said that they hope this benefit will encourage more people who live nearby but are currently unemployed to apply for jobs at the resort. They also hope that this will help keep employees, who have had trouble getting to work due to the skyrocketing price of gas.

Read more and watch the CBS report on this news.

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