Follow Up May 25th, 2021

Town Budget is Ready

The Town of Yountville Finance department is finalizing and double-checking all the budget document components to present the final budget to the Town Council for adoption at the June 15th Town Council meeting. 

Arts in These Parts

The empty art pad at Town Hall has finally been filled after all these years, with the Town-owned sculpture “Slingshot” was relocated to the empty pad at Town Hall. We had some significant movement on the art walk this week. Installed a new sculpture titled “Seedling” in Van De Leur Park, and finally, we installed another “Hearts of Yountville” sculpture in Hopper Creek Park. 

Water News

Utility staff spent last Wednesday performing troubleshooting and testing of the Town’s well system that has now been moved from “Emergency Standby” status to “Active Status” for the Towns water permit with the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB). This change will require Utility Operations Staff’s time with the well and distribution operations as the Town must perform additional source monitoring and sampling. This system has not been run into the public water system since its construction. This process has been undertaken to help exercise the well in case of need in an emergency. The well will also help relieve some of the demand at Rector Reservoir to reduce usage. 

And the Construction Continues

A planning application to demolish the single-family home at 6887 Yount Street and construct a new two-story residence and ADU was received. A planning application for a new ADU at 6709 Yount Street was received. 

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