Follow Up May 18th, 2021

Painting to Poem Event in Yountville May 8th: Poetry
A collection of writers joined Poet Laureate Marianne Lyon and Arts Council Chair Jim McDonald for an Ekphrastic poetry afternoon. Alan Arnopole wrote and sang a song inspired by Nancy’s Gates Orange sky, inviting poets to enter the gallery. Participants from Napa County of all ages enjoyed the art show opening, featuring Nancy Gates, Jeff Spratt, and Yvonne Bundy. After viewing the paintings, Ekphrastic verse emerged. Below are poems collected from some of those attending the event.

Joyce Prescott wrote of Spratt’s  painting Old Woman Waits: She’s ready to go, She has no place to go, She waits

Michelle Kendell fashioned, When we next meet, Won’t you please, Pause a few minutes, And visit with me

Jim McDonaldreflected on Still Life Onions by Gates: Peel back timeless Layers, Holding submerged secrets

Kathy Mawer wrote of Gate’s Apple: This kind of apple is tart, Like a splash of cool water

Dana Rodney responded to Time by Yvonne Bundy

Time peeks one-eyed , through a double lens, Taunting me with, whys and it’s when’s

Bundy’s Hope inspired Cathy Carsell to pen: Spirit dwells within, Caressing arms, On saucy wings of hope

Show “Yountville Artists x 3” runs through Friday, June 4th. Don’t miss the paintings by local artists. You may be inspired to write a verse or two.

Future Ballot Measure Could Strip Local Power Over Cannabis
We all learned something about cannabis with Measure T here in Yountville. Now a group is trying to change the rules of how cannabis can be allowed into the community.

Five years after voters legalized adult-use marijuana in California, cannabis advocates discuss a ballot measure that would expand access by stripping local governments of their licensing powers. It’s an idea that would spark widespread opposition from municipalities and the organizations that represent them.

One of the keys to Prop 64’s success was getting local governments to sign on. Backers of the measure accomplished this by giving them plenty of control to approve or deny cannabis businesses in their communities. In 2021, 80% of local governments have used that power to prohibit marijuana sales. Critics say the result is a thriving black market.

Taxes and fees are another big issue. The proposed ballot measure would also remove the current cultivation tax, bring the excise tax down from 15% to 5%, and remove local governments’ power to tax cannabis altogether. Jurisdictions would instead receive one-fifth of state excise tax revenue.

“I wouldn’t call what we’re doing campaigning right now. I would call what we’re doing team-building,” Sean Kiernan, executive director of the veteran’s advocacy group Weed for Warriors and the California Cannabis Reform Project, told the Sacramento Bee.

Kiernan’s group has just started discussions with lawmakers. It would cost $6 million to $8 million to get a measure on the ballot. At that price, he says he’s aiming for a measure in 2022 or 2024.

Washington Park Paving Project… Again… and Hopefully, Last
The project is not complete as the contractor will be raising the utility lids to match the new pavement surface and applying the street markings next week and the week after. The damaged parking strips to be repaired by the Town and our water contractor will be happening in the coming weeks. Contractor information is being provided to the remaining property owners who may wish to hire the contractor directly to perform the work for their frontages on their behalf.

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